Why go with Microsoft Azure ?

Microsoft Azure is one of the best cloud computing platforms & infrastructure, created & managed by Microsoft, for building, deploying and managing world-class applications and services through a global network of datacenters that are managed by Microsoft.

Microsoft Azure Overview

Windows Azure is Microsoft's cloud platform, providing Platform as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service and Web site hosting. In this video, we will give an overview of Windows Azure, walk through the benefits of developing in the cloud with it and introduce various solutions the platform offers.

This video provides a comprehensive but brief overview of Microsoft Azure for research scientists. You will learn cloud computing basics, patterns and terminology, and the fundamentals of Microsoft Azure itself, including virtual machines, web sites, cloud services, and building blocks for applications.

Some Key Highlights of the Microsoft Azure Platform:

  • It's very flexible as it provides both IaaS & PaaS service models.
  • FlexibilityDevelopers have the most variety of selection of frameworks & tools, programming languages, databases & devices. The developer could start using microsoft azure with his familier technologies.
  • Azure API Management: Helps its customers to publish their application programing interfaces.
  • ScalabilityThe Azure platform can potentially support a business or an application of any size. And the 'pay as you go' pricing model makes it easier for businesses to scale up their application without any hassles. Hence, Microsoft Azure is ready to handle any workload size at a very promising & competitive cost.

    Azure datacenters are spread all around world across 19 regions, which covers more area than the other major cloud services providers.

  • Security : Today, security and privacy are the most important issues to handle when creating and managing massive data. Microsoft Azure gives the commitment to the protection & privacy of the data their customers create and maintain.

    Microsoft Azure have been recognized as the first cloud provider recognised by the European Union’s data protection authorities for our commitment to rigorous EU privacy laws. They have also adopted the International Cloud Privacy Standard, ISO 27018.