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TRIPS-Team of Research Investigators and Process Services, KM-24, Sunderbaug Wadi, Near Deonar BEST Depot, Sion-Trombay Road, Deonar, Mumbai-400088.

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Telephone: +91 22 25580006, 25500005 (landline)

Joint Venture of SMS and TRIPS

  • Team of Research Innovators and Practitioners by Socialization is a renowned group of researchers who specialize in Development & Research in Urban – Rural areas. SMS, Seed Management Services Pvt. Ltd is a software product development company having one of its expertises in developing s/w solutions for surveys on field or CAPI (Computer assisted personal interviewing).
  • Both the organizations work for the same cause: “Collecting clean and analysis ready data in less time”.
  • Considering this joint motto, both SMS and TRIPS have conducted various surveys/ studies together. SMS specializes in CAPI s/w developments and provision of tablets whereas TRIPS actually performs the data collection from fields on tablets.

Our Objectives :

  • Provide a one stop solution for Research and Development.
  • Ensuring customer’s delight and confidence each time.
  • Present clean and analysis ready data on real time basis.

SEED Management Services products :